Meditation Zafu Cushions

made in dunedin, nz

Yogastore meditation Zafu cushions. These cushions are made to allow supreme comfort for your meditation whether sitting easy crossed legged (sukhasana) or hero pose (virasana).

Yogastore makes three styles of meditation cushions.

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Moon cushions are a funky wedge shape and fully filled with organic buckwheat husks for your meditation.

Round meditation cushions are filled with beautiful sheep’s wool on the base and buckwheat husks on the top half.

Rectangle meditation cushions (35cm x 25cm x 12cm approx.) are filled with beautiful sheep’s wool throughout. They are ideal for using widthways in seated meditation and/or lengthways in supported virasana.

All Yogastore meditation cushions are zipped, lined, made from durable cotton and created to be used and used! The cover can be removed for washing if necessary or spot washed if required.

Prices: All styles: $85 (free delivery nationwide)

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