Yogastore (made in Dunedin)

Yogastore has been created to bring affordable, stylish and supportive yoga equipment to yoga studios and yogis around the country. The emphasis is on quality fabrics, sourcing organic materials where possible, and using local suppliers and nationally produced components. The majority of items are hand made by Sara in her workroom in Dunedin. Yogastore’s best seller is the yoga bolster.

Yogastore also has Shakti mats for sale, handmade in India, with good working conditions for all employees. These are created with 100% organic cotton and no harmful chemicals in the dyeing process.

Other popular Yogastore items are our zafus and meditation cushions. These give supreme comfort for sitting in easy crossed legged (sukhasana) or hero pose (virasana). Yogastore makes round, rectangular and moon shaped zafu.

August 2019 feedback…

“Your cushions are very well made and the fabric is just gorgeous. The wool cushions are very comfortable, and really good for those who need more of a lift in order to sit comfortably.  However, nothing really compares to the crescent cushions which are brilliant for posture, tilting the pelvis which beautifully aligns the lumbar spine and completely takes away the urge to slouch. Just love them all. “