Yoga Mats

I have sourced the most earth-friendly yoga mat on the planet! Made from 100% natural rubber and jute. Free of glues, dyes and synthetic additives. This beauty will biodegrade back into the earth where she came from. The jute and rubber offer superb tactile grip and the mat stays flat as you practice. So release your inner hippy on an Earth.Me yoga mat.

(I use this mat myself (3-5 times a week, 7 years of yoga under my belt) and LOVE the performance of it.)


• 1825 x 610 x 4mm thick
• 100% natural, tree rubber and jute
• Tapping rubber is highly sustainable
• Rubber harvested in Indonesia
• No Amazonian rainforests destroyed
• Rubber stays flat as you practice
• Contains no dyes or glues
• Jute gives tactile grip
• Biodegrades back into the earth

Price:  $114 (FREE delivery nationwide) CURRENTLY SOLD OUT! MORE COMING SOON