Shakti Mats & Pillows

Give yourself the Gift of Relaxation

Shakti Mats relax the body and calm the mind. The Swedish invention is based on thousands of years of ancient tradition.

The Shakti Mat is an acupressure mat that is designed for prevention, reduction or complete elimination of stress, sleep problems and back pain, by encouraging circulation, muscle recovery and relaxation.  Looks painful? The body is distributed across the points, so only a little weight is applied to each point.

The Shakti Mat is made with thousands of acupressure points to help release tension and induce a state of deep relaxation.

  • Made ethically in a charity temple workshop in Varanasi, India
  • 100% organic Indian cotton
  • ABS 1st class non-toxic plastic for long lasting use (the spikes don’t go blunt!)
  • 4,000 – 8,000 Acupressure points
  • Organic cotton “Bag of Happiness” carry bag
  • Detailed brochure with information & instruction

Tips for use …


Lie down on your Shakti Mat for 20-30 minutes to begin. This will help you feel sleepy and relaxed and can be useful for:

  • Improving quality of sleep
  • Providing relief from back pain
  • Relaxing muscle tension
  • Relieving stress and stress symptoms


Try standing on your Shakti Mat for 2-5 minutes. This can help to:

  • Rejuvenate tired and achy feet
  • Boost circulation to the legs and feet (do you get cold feet?)
  • Provide an improved sense of balance (weightlifters, athletes and yogis can use this for balance awareness)
  • Provide reflexology treatment for the whole body


Use a Shakti Pillow or rolled up towel underneath your Shakti Mat to target the neck and shoulders. Lie down for 10 – 20 minutes to help to:

  • Relax tense neck and shoulders
  • Provide relief from headaches


The Original Shakti Mat (Orange/Green) is designed to help combat stress, muscle tension and sleep problems by providing circulation and acupressure simultaneously.

Shakti Pillow Price: $49 + $5 postage nationwide (pickup is free)
Shakti Mat Price: SOLD OUT!

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Orders for these items have now closed for 2017. They will be available again to purchase in the New Year.