Pitstop Power

Amazing, natural, odour-fighting deodorant … just because you sweat it doesn’t mean you have to smell. Stop it NOW. Use PitStop Power!

Pitstop Power contains all-natural ingredients and is super tough on smell. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or nasties, just the pleasant UNISEX fragrance of Teatree and Lemon.

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Pitstop Power Deodorant sticks $15 free NZ delivery
Pitstop Power Deodorant refills $12 free NZ delivery

The refill can either be used as-is by rubbing on directly or can be melted down in a double-boiler to refill a stick container.

Pitstop Power Deodorant sticks $15 Pitstop Power Deoderant refills $12

Handmade in Dunedin. Contains beeswax and made in a facility that handles nuts and gluten (traces may be present). In the unlikely event that irritation occurs, please contact us at  pitstoppowernz@gmail.com for more information.